Edinson Cavani acknowledged he didn't get along well with Neymar

The new Manchester United forward shared a dressing room with the Brazilian at PSG

 El uruguayo se mostró contento de haberse quedado tras alcanzar su gol 200 | Perform

Edinson Cavani spoke to ESPN and said he didn't have a great harmony with former Barcelona star Neymar at PSG.

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"We are very different, we didn't share many things and we think in different ways," said Cavani. "That doesn't stop you from getting along."

The Uruguayan added: "In the group we didn't all have to be friends or brothers. The important thing is to be friends on the pitch, protect each other, run for the other. What cannot be negotiated is respect and commitment on the pitch with your team-mates. Later in the dressing room you don't have to have a mate or go out to eat with everyone."

He admitted having a squabble with Ney over who go to take a penalty. "The one time I argued with him, as everyone knows, was that game against Lyon," added Cavani. "Everything they said afterwards is not true. Ney is a good kid."



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