Bernardo Silva, accused of misconduct for Mendy tweet

The Man City player could be banned for up to six games because of the racist post

Bernardo Silva, jugador del Manchester City
Bernardo Silva, jugador del Manchester City | AFP

Bernardo Silva has been charged with misconduct by the English FA over a racist Tweet he sent to Benjamin Mendy.

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He compared a picture of the Frenchman as a child to a racist caricature used to brand sweets called Conguitos (Little Congos), sold in Portugal and Spain.

The FA say Bernardo committed an "aggravated breach" of FA rules as it included reference "expressed or implied, to race and/or colour and/or ethnic origin".

Bernardo tweeted “can’t even joke with a friend these days” after criticism for the tweet. He could be suspended for up to six matches for his racist post

Pep Guardiola defended Bernardo several times, saying he could not see the tweet as racist and that it was between two friends.

Mandy also said he did not take offence at the tweet.


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