Pep Guardiola responds to Liga chief Javier Tebas

The Man City coach hit back at La Liga's president after his jab

Guardiola, aliviado por la decisión del TAS: Deberíamos recibir una disculpa | Perform

Pep Guardiola did not forget about Javier Tebas. The Man City coach spoke in a press conference after CAS cleared his side to compete in the Champions League, overturning UEFA's ban. Tebas had criticised the decision and said CAS was not fit to make the call, right after the news broke.

Pol Ballús


"Tebas must be very jealous of the Premier League and English football," said Guardiola, sarcastically. "I see that he's a great legal expert. Next time we'll ask him for advice before going to a tribunal.

"He should focus more on La Liga. When there's any decision he doesn't like, there's always problems. Mr Tebas, next year we will be in the Champions League because we did things right."


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