Xavi Hernandez and his infinite patience

Xavi Hernandez and his infinite patience

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport


The day Xavi leaves the FC Barcelona bench, hopefully many years from now, he will take a sabbatical year. At least one. Guardiola did it, Luis Enrique did it, and Xavi will do the same. Coaching Barcelona is a high-risk profession that produces infinitely greater wear and tear than coaching any other team in the world. Here, everything is questioned, everything is doubted, and immediate performance is demanded from the players, as well as the coaches.

The Barcelona coach has explained this on several occasions, and only his love and esteem for the club make him resilient to these adversities.

In addition to all this, Xavi has shown infinite patience. Until last Friday at midnight, the Barcelona coach and his staff did not know what squad they would have for this season, and they didn't even have his own contract renewed. So Xavi, in addition to patience, has once again demonstrated his commitment to the club. Another person in his position might have demanded to be the first to sign.

Xavi is not a perfect individual, like no one is, but he is usually the first to engage in self-criticism after games. Just last Sunday night, for example, he explained that he was not happy with the way the team played against Osasuna. It was an honest opinion that coincided with some of the thoughts expressed after the match. This Barcelona team can and should play better, and we will continue to demand that from Xavi. However, this doesn't change the fact that Barcelona has a great coach and a person deeply committed to the club.

He's so committed that you haven't heard a single bad word from him about the organization, its president, or the two sporting directors he has worked with. So, we don't know if he is happy with the reinforcements brought in. For all these reasons and more, renewing Xavi until 2026 is the best decision made this summer.

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