Xavi is absolutely right when he demands more

Xavi is absolutely right when he demands more

Albert Masnou

Subdirector de SPORT

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They make it easy for Xavi to complain. The coach's experiments are not working because of the passive attitude of most of the players. The coach lamented on Monday the lack of ambition shown by the team in some phases of the season. "We need to believe it more, have more of a winning mentality and not be lacking in ambition," he said.

If they have had this problem when there was something at stake, when the league was on the line or when they were playing for their lives in both the Champions League and the Europa League? Why should it be any different when there's nothing at stake, like now, when only Lewandowski and Ter Stegen seem to be driven by individual prestige while the rest don't seem to care, when they're already thinking about their holidays or wondering what will happen in their future?

What happened on the pitch of the Nuevo Zorilla is a further demonstration that Xavi is absolutely correct. His criticisms are not gratuitous. Such an accusation comes for a good reason. He says it because he has experienced it firsthand in the Copa del Rey as well as in the two European competitions. And surely also in many league games in which Barça have not behaved as the club badge demands.

In Valladolid they conceded the quickest goal of the campaign after Christensen's header into his own net or, minutes later, it was an improper rush out by Ter Stegen and a penalty that Eric García did not even protest that ended in the second goal conceded by Barça. The home-grown centre-back was playing his second game as a defensive midfielder, a test to see if Xavi could use him next season after the departure of Busquets. The result for the coach can not be very positive and the match only increased the doubts generated by this experiment.

They were thinking about the 100-point league, Ter Stegen's record, winning European trophies... and they have ended up with the league. A great merit in their favour, but Barça always demand more.

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