Valverde, antes de atender a los medios informativos

Valverde's (logical) doubts at Barça



Valverde has doubts. It's logical. He doesn't feel protected by the sporting committee or by the board. And he's exposed to results. He will end the current season, for sure. Well, not for sure. Because in football, nothing is for sure. Let's just say it's almost certain... 

But it is hard to imagine him extending his contract, as he has an option to do so, beyond the current campaign. The coach is not sure about continuing when there's not complete confidence in him. And the club would not stand in his way if he decided to leave. Not even a hypothetical treble would change the situation. 

Valverde's been questions since the painful Champions League exit to Roma. He's even aware that his job was under threat before the final of the Copa del Rey. And he's not ready to continue working in these conditions. His future, therefore, is in the air. As was the case with Guardiola and Luis Enrique before him. Being Barça coach is a profession of risk. And not even the best are safe. 

OVERSEEING A DRESSING ROOM like the one at Camp Nou is almost as difficult as having a relationship with the board. Although, in this case, Valverde has a better 'feeling' with the players than those sat in the boxes. He's won the affection and respect of the heavyweights in the dressing room. And he's not had any major problems, save the recent moment with Arturo Vidal. 

But footballers, as we know, can be selfish. And even though they like Valverde, they wouldn't do anything to save him. With that context, in the middle of October, Valverde's future has a negative tint. But, I insist, this is Barça. And there is a long way to go in the season. 


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