Negociación dura para renovar a Ter Stegen

Tie down goalkeeping's Messi at whatever cost



Marc ter Stegen is, probably, the best goalkeeper in the world. He's at least on the podium with Jan Oblak and Alisson Becker. What cannot be doubted is that Ter Stegen is the best goalkeeper for Barcelona. And we have highlighted that on many occasions due to his exceptional play with his feet, which allows him to be the first attacker (and, on occasions, one of the team's best passers). But he increasingly wins the side points with his match-winning saves, too. 

For that reason, the possibility that the German goalkeeper could go this summer (or, better said, in the next transfer window, because it could go on until January) is bad news for Barça. It's a nightmare, in fact. Because it would be like Lionel Messi going. Ter Stegen is right now almost as important as the Argentine forward in a Barça team that is not overloaded with talent or game-changers. And that's what Ter Stegen is. He's that good (and he knows it), that he's logically asking for a wage increase. The goalkeeper wants to earn for what he is: a star. And Barça will have to find, however possible, an agreement with goalkeeping's Messi.  

I am convinced he will stay at the club. Because he is happy at Barça and, above all, in Barcelona, where he feels Catalan. But he will not stay at any price. And the threat of Bayern Munich (despite the Bundesliga champion's intention to renew Manuel Neuer's deal) remains dormant. President Josep Maria Bartomeu must make an effort to tie down Ter Stegen. And, if necessary, get rid of players that earn a lot but contribute little to be able to pay the German stopper more. Leaders pay for themselves. And that's what Ter Stegen is. One of the best. 


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