The Barca that does not exist. And never will again

The Barca that does not exist. And never will again

Lluís Mascaró
| sport

It's over don't deny it just wake up and smell the coffee

Kylian Mbappe’s exhibition at Camp Nou was the best reflection of the changing cycle that happens in football. The model which sustained the best Barcelona of all time is done. Because there are not players that can run it. Style is made by the players and now there is a new profile, combining talent, speed and physical prowess. The French forward is the best representation of all these virtues, exploding brutally at Camp Nou to humiliate Koeman’s Barca. Without Xavi, without Iniesta, without the best Busquets, with an undependable defence and a Messi so alone, there are only residues of the Barca the conquered the sextuple left. We have to face reality and understand we can’t go back to the past. We have to look towards the future. Without renouncing the essence. But not afraid of change. Liverpool and Bayern have marked the path that PSG are following and Barcelona have to do it too.

The new president has a challenge. Turn this squad into one capable of winning. Koeman, bar miracles, is out of all the competitions. Not his fault, but the fault of terrible planning. The project is not solid. Various sporting directors have been in the role. The one criteria is to plug holes, as Messi said, especially after Neymar left. In that moment Barca could have signed Mbappe, but went for Dembele. It was a bad choice. It will mark the club’s future, and even the renewal of Messi. The humiliation just adds to the arguments for him to leave Camp Nou. And if he goes, the reconstruction will be more difficult still. Almost impossible.