Ruben Uria: Messi did not want the shirt to be stained

Ruben Uria: Messi did not want the shirt to be stained

Rubén Uría

Colaborador de SPORT

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He didn't have to, but he opened the door of his house and of his heart with one objective: to reassure Barcelona fans. It was a relief for those who have always believed and a lesson for those who denied it. To all the false prophets who said that Messi only cares about money, the superstar gave them a one-way ticket to Soon Dong, the largest cave ever discovered. It is in Vietnam. Let them look there for a corner to think by themselves.

Once again, they were wrong about Messi, because he does not love money, but the Barcelona shirt. He told his truth and spoke from the heart. He thought about leaving, true, but he did not do it for something small: he does not want the great love of his life, the only club to which he owes everything and for whom he has given everything, to end in a bad way with him, although the board of directors deserve it. Messi is Barça and Barça is Messi. And no one takes what they love most to court.

Messi treated me wonderfully and left me a lifetime memory, one that will always accompany me in my journalism career. I will be grateful to him for life, but that is not the important thing. Yes, it seemed to me that he refused to betray his love for Barça. I was there.

He stays out of fidelity, out of eternal love for a shirt and because no court will break that love. Messi did not want to know anything about the money, or the interest of other teams, he has not even listened to those who asked him to start a war - no matter how much some deserved it.

He opened his house and his heart to give us, to a journalist and a medium, Goal, that are not the best known in the world. I don't know if he wins or loses from it. Yes I am sure that he does not want to stain the shirt in court. He stays even when perhaps the best thing for him is to leave. In the film “Scent of a Woman”, Al Pacino said that “when the filth spreads, some run and others stay”. Messi stays. He does not boast of values. He shows them.

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