Enough of all this ridicule please, Spain

Enough of all this ridicule please, Spain

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport

| Sefutbol

Spanish football has too much at stake to continue to make a fool of itself constantly and continuously. The designation of the 2030 World Cup is just around the corner and the world is only watching us for the lamentable spectacle of communiqués and counter-communiqués. 

Never before has a team that has just won a World Cup been able to celebrate its victory so little. Never before have we seen such deplorable images in a European stadium box and never before have we heard such offensive statements after a huge sporting success.

Enough is enough! Spanish football, its players and the fans do not deserve this absurdity. Therefore, now they only have two ways out. Either the whole thing blows up and they start all over again or they find a consensus soon. The second option should be the most sensible, but if that proves impossible, they will use the first.

The image conveyed yesterday by the national coach, Montse Tomé, at a press conference, was that of a person who is down in the dumps, sad and without any capacity for leadership. Just as a few days ago we called for a certain empathy and confidence in her, it is clear that she will hardly be able to lead this group of players with a strong personality apart from her outstanding footballing qualities.

If it is true that Tomé did not speak to each of the players on the squad list, she should resign from her post today. Some of them confirmed to our journalist, Maria Tikas, their surprise at the coach's statement.

What's more, if they have made it this far, there is a reason for it. Some of them gave up the World Cup and now the 39 best players in this country are putting their careers in danger of a possible sanction. Nobody risks advancing in their profession for a simple whim.

In short, this is no longer about winners and losers, this is about not continuing to tarnish Spanish football. Leaders! Fix this mess as soon as possible. Enough is enough!

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