Draxler y Neymar durante la final de la Copa de Francia 2019

PSG are set to spark Barça's transfer window into life



PSG's president, Nasser Al Khelaïfi, yesterday surprised the world of football by announcing the club would no longer tolerate those who aren't pulling their weight. "All the players must assume their responsibilities. They need to do more, work harder. We aren't here to please them. If they don't agree, the door is open. I don't want any more 'diva' behaviour."

It felt like a veiled dig at Neymar, as well as Mbappe, after both players 'leaked' their unhappiness with the club. It's funny that the PSG president is asking for his biggest star not to act like one when he paid the highest transfer fee of all time to bring him to the club two years ago.

And this is because the bond between Neymar and PSG was marriage a convenience in which the only interest was money. It was always going to end with a messy breakup. The one which seems to have tipped it over has been the emergence of Mbappe who is now desperate to be considered the leader of the project. After leaving Barça to escape Messi's shadow, he's now in Mbappe's. Yet in an artificial club, in a poor league and one which doesn't have any real competition to it.

Neymar has spent two years leaking his unhappiness and desire for a Barça return but, until today, PSG always maintained they won't sell any of their star men. Al Khelaifi's comments to 'France Football' were strategic and clear that he wants the environment to change at PSG and is willing to let anyone leave who doesn't believe in the project.

The war between Neymar and Mbappe has forced PSG's hand and that might play in Barça's favour.



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