Ousmane Dembele’s impossible ‘good ending’ with Barca

Ousmane Dembele’s impossible ‘good ending’ with Barca

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport


The last time we heard Ousmane Dembéle speak was at the end of June. The Frenchman is a footballer of few words and until a few months ago he barely spoke Spanish. He did so in an interview with Marca and declared that he was happy at Barcelona, that the dressing room was a family, that he was happy in the team and that, after seven years at the club, he felt very good. No wonder. Anyone in his circumstances would also be happy and content. 

Dembélé has been treated well to very well by Barça. He was one of the most expensive signings in history and the one who has given the team the least in terms of performance, and everything has been forgiven. It is true that he had bad luck with injuries, but during his first years as a Barça player he was not an exemplary footballer. His disorganised life away from the pitch did not help his recovery from his frequent muscle injuries. Nor did he do much to communicate with the club and, in spite of everything, Xavi bet on him while the club rewarded him with a renewal more favourable to the player than to the club itself.

Now, a few days before the start of the league, he says that he has thought it over and that he wants to leave, but that he prefers to have a good exit. As an act of goodwill, yesterday he did not deposit the 50 million clause with the LFP. 

However, a player who wants to leave Barça can never have a good exit. Well, yes, he could waive his fat portion of the clause. In other words, he could give the 25 million he is entitled to back to the club. Then, even then, there would be no need to negotiate with PSG. The Qatari club pays Barça 50 and everyone is happy. It won't happen. 

There will be negotiation and we will see how it ends. By the way, Mateu Alemany never wanted to renew his deal and Deco has been warning for weeks that this could happen. Let nobody say it was a surprise.

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