El Barça jugó un mal partido ante el Slavia de Praga en el Camp Nou

Barcelona were sad and impotent against Slavia


Lluís Mascaró


Barcelona had a double objective against Slavia. Virtually seal qualification for the Champions League last 16 and wipe the memory of the Levante farce. They didn't do either. They only took one point (which, true, still keeps them top), and failed miserably in changing their sad footballing dynamic. Because Barca played their worst game of the season at Camp Nou against a brave, intense and tactically superior Slavia.

Barcelona have lived for too long sticking to results. Forgetting about style, the manner of victory hasn't mattered. They are looking for wins as immediate satisfaction without constructing a project. Valverde feels impotent to look for solutions and the majoriry of the players offered an indolent display incompatible with the Blagurana shirt. The one hope is Messi solves each and every one of the games and that, logically, is impossible.

Barcelona are La Liga leaders and top of their Champions League group, but not on their own merit. The one saving grace is that their opponents are equal or worse. And with that being true, they aren't making the structural changes the squad needs. Starting with a better coach and ending with players who seem tired of trying hard to win. With things like this Barcelona are dreaming of unreachable titles. They can win games, but that, as we have seen in recent seasons, in the end serves for nothing necessarily. Well, apart from extending a decomposing Barcelona's agony. 



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