The objective is to 'kill' Alexia Putellas... they don't know the warrior they're facing

The objective is to 'kill' Alexia Putellas... they don't know the warrior they're facing

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport


They do not know how to do it, but it is their ultimate goal. It was tried by those who once ruled and it is still being tried by some of those who have inherited power. They don't want her and some of them will die trying. They took the captaincy away from her for the World Cup, but she continued to rule. Now, they feel that by cutting off Alexia Putellas' head, calm will return to the national team.

However, they don't know that they have a warrior in front of them. A self-made footballer who has had to suffer a lot to become the best. A woman who is committed, supportive and who, during her injury, has worked hard to defend the rights of her teammates. Alexia is exhausted, but she is not ready to give in. The war is still open and the glass agreement signed in Oliva could be broken at any moment.

A veteran Barça official always used to tell me that the only way to end an internal crisis is to kill someone. It seems that some people in the RFEF think that this argument is also valid after the Rubiales scandal. The aim is to 'kill' Putellas.

Meanwhile, along the way, in this exchange of accusations and demands, managers and executives are falling, with the danger of taking an innocent worker with them.

In short, the conflict is not over. On Thursday, the national team coach, Montse Tomé, did not give the impression that her job is secure beyond the next two matches. The outlook is pitiful. The faces of the players are a poem as the world looks at them. And they do look at them. Some because they are the best and others because of the sad spectacle.

On Friday, they will play their first official match after winning the World Cup with more risk of injury than enjoyment. They haven't slept and have barely trained, but they have made progress on some of their demands. Of course, they must also know how far they can go with their demands. There is a limit to everything.

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