El cirque du Soleil se estrena en Barcelona

Messi: much more than a footballer



There are people that transcend beyond time and space. People that make history and are history. Human beings so special that they become unique and unrepeatable. Magic human beings. Almost eternal. And Lionel Messi is one of them. His football defies logic: Leo is capable of doing, on the pitch, what no other player has ever done. And that makes him the best of all time. No arguments. For what he does, for how he does it and, above all, for how long he's been doing it. Coinciding with the 'Messi Era' is a privilege for all football fans -- of Barça or other clubs. Because that is another of his successes: universal unanimity (including from the most die-hard Real Madrid fans) about his stature. 

Messi's already a legend. And, for that reason, it's not strange that the magic Cirque de Soleil has decided to create a show based on the Argentine crack. It was a logical connection: the art of football and the art of the circus united under the same roof. And the truth is that the spectacle perfectly captures the sense of the virtuosity of the Barcelona captain. During almost two hours, a number of acts blow the audience away with the ball as the protagonist. It's the perfect translation of the fascination which Messi generates with the ball. The Barça No.10 now has a show of quality which an artist of his grandeur deserves. Because Messi is art. He is much more than a footballer. He is universal. 



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