Messi is waiting for the new Barcelona president...



Lionel Messi is eternal. About to turn 34, he's still the best player in the world. And the top scorer in 2021. Mbappe and Haaland are set to be the future. They're young. They're strong. They're quick. They have talent. A lot of talent. Maybe they will reach an exceptional level. But they will never get close to Messi's numbers. He's still beating records thanks to the ambition he has, despite his age and having already won everything.

Barça, as shown against Elche again, still depend on Messi's magic. In a team in construction like Barça, with so many doubts, Messi's contribution is decisive. Just thinking of the possibility of him leaving at the end of the season (when his contract expires) gives most Cules a fright. And I don't say all because some (a very small amount) have been convinced by the false theory that shedding Messi would save Barça's finances. When it's already been proven that he generates more for the club than he is paid.

I am convinced that Messi is waiting for Barça to have a new president to announce that he wants to stay put. He only wants an attractive sporting project that motivates him to keep fighting for titles. It's not a financial issue. It's emotional. Speaking with the three candidates yesterday confirmed my suspicion: Messi doesn't have any personal reasons to leave Barça. Last August's crisis has been parked. Forgotten. Without Bartomeu, everything is easier.

And the aspirants for the presidency know that Messi's first option is Barça. And second. Even third. Even though they have to handle the contract renewal of the best footballer of all time. Messi cannot leave Barça with Camp Nou empty. The day he goes, there has to be a homage that gives everyone goosebumps. And that moment has still not arrived.




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