Josep Maria Bartomeu prolongs his own agony at Barcelona's helm


Lluís Mascaró


Josep Maria Bartomeu did not resign. Not even the gravest sporting crisis in recent Barca history has been enough to get him to step down. He has announced elections for March, if in October the socios approve the accounts. He is prolonging the agony of this project (Is there a project?!) and it makes no sense. Beyond what the statutes say, he had to look for a date as soon as possible to accelerate the change.

Bartomeu's refusal may hurt the next board too because he will be in charge of the ins and outs. So the only victim of the Bayern Munich humiliation was Quique Setien, with Abidal also staying. The coach is out and Ronald Koeman, Wembley hero, will take over with a poisoned inheritance.

Bartomeu will leave after five years of garbage management. Without his own club model and giving the power to the players from day one. Those who know him well say the problem is that Bartomeu is a decent guy and he will not confront anyone. During his mandate, he has tried to keep everyone happy, in and out of the club, and this has caused him more problems than benefits. He was badly advised by those around him, and has managed the impossible: the end of the best Barca side of all time has ended up being shameful.

Some are already calling him the worst president in history, but I think that Gaspart was worse. Although it's true that the legacy he will leave is a terrifying disaster. A destroyed squad, lamentable finances and a ghost Espai Barca. Whoever wins the elections in March will not have it easy. Not easy at all...



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