Joan Laporta's first stone... the real challenge begins now

Joan Laporta's first stone... the real challenge begins now

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport


Today at the Camp Nou will be one of the most emotional nights since the inauguration of the stadium in 1957. The first time you experience, live or enjoy something new, you never forget it. However, farewells always have a touch of nostalgia and sadness. 

If we add to the unexpected departure of Messi and the voluntary farewell of Piqué, the end of Busquets and Alba, and the provisional closure of the Camp Nou, it is clear that we are facing a total change of cycle and a special night.

A period with some exceptional players is coming to an end at the same time as the Xavi era has begun with the winning of the first league title. Laporta, in his second season, has managed to put together a team capable of sweeping Spain, but which is not capable of competing against the big teams in Europe. So the challenge for the president is to reinforce the squad in the right way in order to be among the big teams once again. 

If Laporta had at his disposal the same treasury as PSG or City, no one would doubt that Barça would be back where Cules expect them to be. He already proved it in his first era and, now, in a short time, he has brought back some hope to Barca fans. The problem is that the club's worrying financial situation is compounded by the temporary move to Montjuic and the reconstruction of the stadium. Today we will bid a sad farewell to the Camp Nou with the uncertainty of knowing the day we will return.

Tomorrow, the president, accompanied by the coach, the captains and the sponsors will lay the first stone of the new Camp Nou. In other words, from now on, Laporta will be judged by sporting and economic results, but also by the fulfilment of the deadlines for the works.

There is no doubt that today will be a special night full of emotions and farewells. But from tomorrow onwards, Laporta's real challenge begins. Improving the team, winning titles, overcoming the financial crisis and ensuring that the work progresses smoothly. All of this without a euro in his pocket and nothing can go wrong to prevent the virtuous circle from getting stuck and everything blowing up. In short, let's keep our fingers crossed.

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