Joan Laporta moves closer to Javier Tebas

Joan Laporta moves closer to Javier Tebas

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport


FC Barcelona's relations with La Liga had been broken since Joan Laporta supported Florentino Pérez in the Super League project. Since then, any movement by Barça was scrutinised heavily by LaLiga, the dialogue between the two institutions was broken and the flexibility allowed by certain laws became a noose for Barça wielded by La Liga. And of course, Laporta and Tebas, who are at opposite poles in their political thoughts, but have strong and similar personalities, are engaged in an absurd and constant battle.

The latest example was on Xavier Sala i Martín's recently launched programme on TV3, in which Laporta once again attacked Tebas. It was, however, a recording made six months ago; no one at the club was aware of it.

I say this because things have improved, the two presidents met three weeks ago in Barcelona and relations are now good. They say it was a bishop who pronounced the phrase: 'If you can't beat your enemy, join him'. That is what Laporta has done. It was a third person who brought about this reconciliation and once they were seated at the same table, relaxed and without cameras, there was that communion which was so necessary for Barça.

Laporta will continue to be pro-independence and Tebas will not stop voting for Vox, but when they talk about football, their personal phobias and philias disappear. Barça are at a time when they need more friends than enemies and the Barça president is well aware of this. 

The proof was the conciliatory tone used in the interview, this time live, that he gave this week on TV3. Laporta explained that he has approached Tebas, Ceferin, Infantino and even said that he respects the words of his latest opponent, Víctor Font. Maybe it's all a strategy and he's fooling us all, but it's the best thing for Barça. For the moment, tomorrow Laporta and Tebas will be together in Madrid at a La Liga event. No doubt they will embrace.

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