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If Madrid don't win this Clasico, which do they win?



The game that had to decide so many things left everything on the table, on and off the pitch. It was a Clasico in which Madrid went from more to less and Barca from less to more, and either side could have won. In the end Madrid won on points, because when they dominated they did so in an indisputable way, especially in the first half, when they had Barça asphyxiated and against the ropes.

Zidane's team played bravely and strongly but suffered because of their true weakness - lack of goals. Real Madrid confirmed that they still have trouble translating obvious dominance onto the scoreboard. Barca are in reverse. They could not control the game, were dominated at some moments of the first half, obscenely so, but instead knew how to survive and could even have won.

The Clasico leaves a curiously dissonant message and was not faithful to tradition: Madrid had more 'football' but Barça had more punch. Apparently Real Madrid can take the most positives of the two because they come out alive from a Clasico away from home and can say that this year they won't throw La Liga away. But at the same time it leaves a disturbing question in the air: If Madrid did not win this Clasico, when will they win one? Madrid certainly missed a golden opportunity here.


Two Varane incidents in the Barça area ignited controversy. The first is a kick from Lenglet, which seemed like bad luck more than anything. The second, much clearer, is a grab, which when revised should have been a penalty. It was unjustifiable that Piqué's grip was not reviewed.


There were unfortunate incidents around the Camp Nou, but those who promised us the Apocalypse came face to face with reality: Barça's fans are exemplary and Barcelona is not a city at war. If something was made clear yesterday is that the match could have be played perfectly and that it was probably excessive to postpone it. Even the manifestations of the ‘Tsunami’, amplified in recent days until a level of hysteria, were peaceful and somewhat decaffeinated.


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