El fútbol cambiará después de esta crisis sanitaria

If football could start from scratch post-coronavirus...



Football is many people's travel companion. Without games, we're left with radio shows, newspapers, books and the Whatsapp group for the Friday kick-around. In reality, we don't know how to live with football because it encompasses almost everything. And there is not just one football, but many varied versions. The one you play on the computer or, when we can go out, with jumpers for goalposts. The one that makes a select few millionaires. And also the one that collects money for the fight against a virus. 

It's on in nearly every front room, it has more importance than it probably deserves and it's governed mainly by economic decisions and regulated by large organisations and private laws. They hope to cajole us all but it's managed by a very few who don't have much of a vision for the common good. What if from this pandemic, in the inevitable fight between memory and forgetting that will emerge when it ends, we have the possibility to start from scratch? What would we want from football? 

It would be good if those elite footballers that live in a bubble come out of it and discover there's an outside world, that they once formed part of it, that it's full of good people, that not everyone wants a piece of them. That they discover that when they step out of that bubble, the reception is even better. 

That every time someone insults someone else on social media, they remember that they're insulting someone's brother or sister, son or daughter, because if we're learning anything from this crisis it's that we are all equal and we all have the same fears. 

Representing the best players in the world is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world in proportion to the effort it requires. Let's regulate this with a little more care. 

It would be nice if journalism, as important as it is today, remembers that every phrase, every paragraph written, comes with responsibility and respect for the audience. 

Football has long since forgotten the fans. We have to push them towards the places where things are decided. 

Directors of clubs that are not a Public Limited Company could remember, even though the money they manage is not their own, it should be treated as if it was. 

We are hoping that, as Albert Camus said, that in man there are more things worthy of admiration than of disregard. Let's take advantage of this situation. I hope that football will be the motor for necessary changes: a more caring and respectful world. With other people and with the planet. 

Where are the brave few that dare to design the new way forward? 



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