How to construct a new winning team without money



Barca’s dramatic financial situation is conditioning the construction of next season’s squad. For now they have made three signings at zero cost and spent nine million euros to bring in Emerson. Laporta wants three more (a defender, a midfielder and a forward), but they must come for free or as exchanges. The main worry is reducing the salary bill so they can register Messi and Co for next season. They are negotiating with the veterans to reduce their wage and trying to get rid of players like Griezmann and Coutinho, Umtiti and Pjanic. 

Barcelona have to construct a winning team under these conditions. It’s a long summer and anything can happen. I wouldn’t even rule out a big deal, depending on how the sales go. At the moment everyone is on the market, bar Ter Stegen, Pedri, De Jong, Riqui and Messi. This isn’t the scenario that the new president imagined when he took over in March, but it’s the poisoned inheritance that Bartomeu left him and it will have to be managed as well as possible.



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