El FC Barcelona podría llegar a ser proclamado campeón de Liga

Failure to postpone football is extremely irresponsible



Football is trying to resist the postponement of matches but it's coming across like a child who covers their eyes to avoid reality. The most likely outcome is that LaLiga will postpone the competition for at least 15 days and the same could happen in the Champions League. It was surreal to see two matches take place yesterday, at the same time, with one being played behind closed doors and the other full of supporters. It devalues the integrity and fairness of the competition to remove supporters and take away a side's home advantage. Let's not forget that the fans are essentially the 12th man. Without supporters, what value do away goals counting for double have? And let's be honest, what does any of it mean without fans?

But some people are forgetting that postponing matches is necessary out of a responsibility to supporters -- and players -- to reduce the risk of this virus spreading. LaLiga and UEFA are dragging their feet when it comes to making a decision because they want someone to foot the bill for all of the matches which are going to be suspended. Yet with every day that passes they miss a further opportunity to lead by example and show a human side.

Football is damaging its image by going to the extreme to continue playing matches instead of protecting people's health. The spread of the disease in Madrid is proof enough that playing matches, even behind closed doors, isn't the solution. It feels like the mantra "the show must go on" is evident in football and that it's somehow immune to the issues being dealt with throughout the country. In times like these, there are much more important priorities than football. Please put an end to this madness and for once deal with the reality of the situation.



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