Ernesto Valverde, entrenador del Barça

Valverde and Xavi don't deserve this fudge



We all knew that Xavi was going to be Barcelona's coach, sooner or later. What nobody knew was that he could become Valverde's replacement in a question of hours if he accepts the (almost) irresistible offer made by the Blaugrana. Bartomeu, in a surprising and controversial move, has decided to sack Valverde after the players let him 'fall'.

Sacking Valverde halfway through the season is justifiable (even though it should have been last summer), but what is unacceptable is the bad treatment he has received in the last few hours. The club going for Xavi so openly behind his back is pathetic. It's nothing strange that Valverde is more than angry. And the return of the 'prodigal son' should have been much more elegant. And one question: If Xavi says no? What a mess!


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