La actuación de Coutinho fue desesperante

Disappointing Coutinho, worse every time


Lluís Mascaró


The disappointing performance from Coutinho says little of the Brazilian. On a day where he needed to take the reins as a crack in the absence of Leo Messi, Coutinho had one of his worst games since he arrived at Barca. That is saying a lot, because he has spent months at a lamentable level. In the 60 minutes he was on the pitch - until Leo came on for him - he practically didn't enter in the game. And when he did it was always choosing the wrong option. Any ball that arrived to the Brazilian was a lost ball. 

By contrast, Malcom, the big surprise of the line up, was hyperactive and got his prize with the equalising goal. He fought, he was brave, and he created more danger than any other Blaugrana forward. He wasn't always accurate, but at least he had the courage to try and overlaod Madrid. Unbalancing them, crossing and shooting. Three things that Coutinho was incapable of doing in a worring show that he is still in his exasperating lethargy.

Coutinho has been at Barca for a year now and is only getting worse. Worse and worse. Unjustifiable for a player that cost 150 million euros. The most expensive signing, in the history of the club. Not even Messi's support, Valverde's therapy and Bartomeu's advice can fix him. Nothing is working. There is no excuse. Or forgiveness. He must react or find an immediate exit in June. Before he becomes unsellable.


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