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Barça's silence over Neymar says a lot


It was going to be a calm summer. Three or four quick signings was the plan, but everyone at the club now believes it is going to be a long summer. With Griezmann and De Jong done, any top-level club would be anxious for the new season to start, but at Barça the decisive phase of the transfer mwindow is starting. And, at the moment, silence is worth its weight in gold because the negotiations are of such magnitude that any out of place word could set them back. 

The Blaugrana are beginning to make themselves crazy with the possible arrival of Neymar, while they neither confirm nor deny the departures of important players. Barça need to sell them based on their performances in the past and you don't have to be too smart to know where the shots are being aimed. The silence here, though, is obligatory so as not to devalue their assets. 

Looking at Paris

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu explained that Neymar wants to return to Camp Nou, but now he doesn't want to say anything else about it. He says there's no case and, meanwhile, the player is sending provocative messages to Paris Saint-Germain and winks to Barça. Phase two has passed, in which the Brazilian no longer hides his desire to leave PSG. 

Barça are watching everything from a distance knowing that the longer the war goes on between Neymar and PSG, the better deal they can get. But it will come with a big money exit. Towards PSG or any other club paying what the Catalans want. The market of great emotions is about to begin.



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