New Barça DoF Deco shows that he knows what he's talking about

New Barça DoF Deco shows that he knows what he's talking about

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport


FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta was full of praise for the club's brand-new sporting director, Deco. As he should be. Since Laporta won the elections to return for a second stint at the helm, the former Portuguese footballer has been one of his best external advisors. What's more, it was Deco himself who finally convinced the president to appoint Xavi as first team coach.

Laporta explained that Deco is a guy who is a straight shooter, humble, who does not spare any effort, who has left his companies behind to take on this challenge, who speaks the same football language as Xavi, who has business experience and who knows various football markets well. In other words, he has everything to be an excellent sporting director. After this string of praise, it was Deco's turn to talk.

He did not disappoint. He took the microphone and spoke without interruption for almost 15 minutes. He didn't stammer for a moment and never lost the thread. That's how he was as a footballer and that's how it seems he will act as Barça's sporting director. He showed, without a doubt, that he knows what he is talking about. He also left the odd headline, but always under control.

He stressed that the most important thing at Barça is to win, but he did not forget to add that you have to play well and have control of the ball. He praised Xavi, academy director Alexanco, the sports commission and, especially, Bojan, who from now on will be the club's football coordinator. Deco was very tough during his time as a footballer when he coincided in the locker room with a very young Bojan. Having him now at his side is a gesture that demonstrates the generosity of the new boss of the football department.

During the event, only Barça's vice president, Rafa Yuste, cited, on one occasion, the always criticised, Alejandro Echevarría. It was this external advisor, who works for the love of the club, who introduced him to Deco. Everything indicates that he was right. In short, in his first appearance, Deco surprised. In a positive way, of course.

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