Así quedan todas las cláusulas de rescisión en el Barça (EN)

Atletico Madrid are taking us all for idiots



I was absolutely convinced that Atletico Madrid were a mature entity, commanded by diligent and sensible businessmen, who know the rules of the football industry and are not guided by pride and who weren't bad losers. 

The content of the statement issued on Friday by the Rojiblanco, though, borders on utter stupidity. A cynical statement that highlights once again that excellent adage that says that you see the mote in your brother's eye, but you do not see the beam in your own eye. 

That Atletico are complaining that FC Barcelona spoke with Antoine Griezmann while competitions were still ongoing last season, that they reached an agreement for him to pay his clause on or after July 1, takes us all for idiots. There's no other way to say it. 

We are not going to repeat what Atletico have done throughout the years to sign other players. 

We're sure that all those they signed were done so meticulously respecting FIFA's rules: that you can't speak with other clubs' players before they enter the final six months of their deal. 

Of course, they always waited until competitions were over, as in the case of Joao Felix. Of course, they only spoke with him after June 30 and always with his previous club, Benfica, informed of events. The same as with Vitolo and Sevilla, with Rodri and Villarreal and with all the players that ended up at the Vicente Calderon or, more recently, the Wanda Metropolitano. 

What Atletico need to do is enjoy the 120 million euros, looks to the future and stop trying to give lectures on ethics when they've never applied them themselves. 


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