Striker Lewandowski is indignant with Bayern Munich's contract offer


Striker Lewandowski is indignant with Bayern Munich's contract offer

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The Polish striker is open to joining Barcelona this summer

Robert Lewandowski's anger with Bayern Munich continues to grow. He has still not digested the disappointing contract offer made by the club to his agent, Pini Zahavi. He is not happy with the duration offered nor the salary on the table.

He is more convinced than ever that his time in the Bundesliga has reached an end and it's time to take on a new challenge at the top of the game at a time when he can leave a transfer fee for Bayern. That's where Barcelona come into the picture.

Zahavi is due to meet with Bayern in the coming days for more talks. Lewandowski has a contract until 2023 and they have offered him a one-year extension, until 2024. They would study an additional second year.

Lewandowski has said in public he feels in shape to compete at the top level for three more years, until he is 36.

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If there are differences over contract length, there are also differences over money. At the moment, he earns 15 million euros net per season plus bonuses of up to five million. The Polan international hoped the bonuses would be incorporated into his wages.

However, alleging financial difficulties, Bayern were not initially willing to do that.

Therefore, this week's meeting will not start on a good footing. Bayern are convinced time is in their favour. They feel Lewandowski is in a rush to clarify his future and they don't plan to change their posture save small details.

As for the player, he has said his stance is not negotiable, too, and he does not feel loved within the club's structure and wants to move to Barcelona. The Bundesliga finishes next week and no one wants this to drag on through the summer.

For now, Barça can just play a secondary role. Due to the desire of Lewandowski and his agent, they have no alternative but to wait in the background.

Lewandowski's anger continues to grow and he hopes Bayern will be flexible and open to negotiating a fee this summer. Only from there can Barça make a play.



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