Manchester City close to 'robbing' Barcelona of the new Busquets

Barça have followed Weigl for a number of years...

...but City are best placed to sign the Dortmund man

Así juega Weigl, el nuevo Busquets |

Julian Weigl, one of the key players in the current Borussia Dortmund side, is one of the favourites to eventually take over from Sergio Busquets at Camp Nou.

Roger Mitats

The Catalan club have followed the midfielder for years, but his future could be set to take another turn, with Manchester City threatening an offer of 40 million euros. 

Pep Guardiola's been an open admirer of the player for a while. In fact, it's no surprise that the man who 'discovered' Busquets during his time at Barça wants Weigl at any cost. The City coach has taked Begiristain with landing the Dortmund man, who has a contract in Germany until 2021. 

It seems that City have responded to Guardiola's request and have offered 40 million. Weigl would be the long-term replacement for Fernandinho, who is now 32. 

The move could frustrated Barça, who have spent a lot of money on signings in the last year and would be unlikely to get into a bidding war with the Premier League leaders at this stage, with Busquets still under 30. 

Barça remain fans of Weigl, though, a player they have long liked. They consider there are few players able to play that midfield role quite like he does, the way he directs the team in the same why as Busquets. 


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