Luis Enrique defends David De Gea after more criticism

The stopper shipped three goals against Croatia in a 3-2 defeat

Luis Enrique, en el estadio Gran Canaria
Luis Enrique, en el estadio Gran Canaria | EFE

Luis Enrique defended David De Gea on Saturday ahead of the friendly against Bosnia.

Javier Giraldo


The Spain coach was asked thrice about the Man United keeper’s performances but he says the criticism is unfair.

“What is not curious but is strange is what all the criticism means. The criticism must be for everyone and for the coach, there is no doubt about that. Aimed towards one person, they are unfair because this is a collective sport and when we let in a goal we all let it in, what happens, the others aren’t defending? It is unfair to personalise, but we accept it, we are used to it.”

Nor did Luis Enrique want to clarify if he will keep picking De Gea as a starter. "I will not comment on my preferences: my actions will speak more than my words," he said.


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