Verratti: Neymar has always been happy here

The Italian believes Neymar has enjoyed his time in Paris

 Neymar marcó en Champions ante el Galatasaray en el festival de goles del PSG | MEDIAPRO

PSG midfielder Marco Verratti has spoke to Le Parisien about his team-mate Neymar. The Brazilian has been thriving since returning from injury and is leaving behind the controversy of the summer, where he upset fans and directors as he tried to escape to Barcelona.

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"Neymar has always been happy here in Paris," said Verratti. "When you're not playing you have problems everywhere, it's difficult. The only thing that makes him happy is playing. Not playing is difficult for him, but once he's on the pitch he's incredible."

Verratti is a big fan. "In the last two or three months he's been even more incredible with his defensive efforts. I playing with him and can't even remember having made an effort on his behalf, he's incredible. Ney is a good example because he makes a great effort."

On the future, Verratti added: "He's a young kid, he's 27, sometimes we think because he's rich, beautiful and because he plays football it's easy. But real life is different."


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