Thiago Silva stopped a fight between PSG forwards Cavani & Neymar

The defender prevented things getting out of hand in the dressing room

Neymar and Cavani don't seem to have a very good relationship in Paris

La relación entre Cavani y Neymar ya está totalmente rota
La relación entre Cavani y Neymar ya está totalmente rota | AFP

Frederic Martin

Thiago Silva broke up a fight between Edinson Cavani and Neymar in the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room on Sunday after the two forwards had fallen out on the pitch in their side's win over Lyon. 

Cavani and Neymar disputed who should take free-kicks and penalties during the game and were both very visibly seen putting their case forward to the other. 

Speaking after the game, Unai Emery said the two players need to sort it out between themselves to avoid him stepping in and making a decision. 

Now, according to French paper L'Equipe, it's been revealed the relationship between the Uruguayan and the Brazilian has been deteriorating for weeks, with things bubbling over in the Lyon game. 

After arguing over who should take a free-kick, and later a penalty, the debate spilled into the dressing room at the Parc des Princes. 

As Cavani and Neymar were about to come to blows, though, Brazil defender Thiago Silva stepped in between his two team-mates to avoid anything more serious happening. 

Hours later, Cavani claimed there were no problems between him and Neymar, but it seems crystal clear that the two don't get on. 


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