Neymar: They threw everything at me, baguettes, orange juice, coca cola...

The Brazilian complained about the objects thrown at him by Marseille fans

Neymar was sent off as PSG drew 2-2 with Marseille in Ligue 1 on Sunday

Neymar se enfrentó a los seguidores del Olympique de Marsella
Neymar se enfrentó a los seguidores del Olympique de Marsella | AFP

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar was sent off against Marseille as his side were held to a 2-2 draw. Before being sent off, though, Neymar had a number of objects thrown at him as he tried to take a corner. Something which he denounced in the mixed zone.

After complaining about the referee, Neymar said that "the supporters threw all sorts of objects at me. I could have had lunch. There were baguettes, orange juice, coca cola... it was exaggerated. That is not football." 

Neymar made a comparison with games played in the Copa Libertadores: "Regardless of whether it's here or in the Copa Libertadores, this is not football. It's not the way to go. It's the same as going to a restaurant and hitting the chef with a knife and fork." 

The Brazilian denied that the situation affected him and said he hadn't been wound up when he was sent off for bumping into a Marseille player when on a second booking.

"It didn't wind me up. I was calm. If I'd been wound up, I wouldn't be here with you now. I would be on the bus," he added.

"I have seen worse things in football and no one has been sent off. I take responsibility for my error, but I didn't lose my temper. We have to be prepared, given the opposition are going to try everything against us." 


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