Draxler confirms his confrontation with Neymar at PSG

The club had previously denied it but he explained what happened

Draxler, cansado de que solo se nombre a Neymar y Mbappé cuando se habla del PSG | Perform

PSG’s German international Julian Draxler has given his version of what happened when he clashed with Neymar Jr after the defeat by Montpellier.

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“I disagreed with him, as can happen with any team-mate,” Draxler told Kicker. “When that happens to you with Neymar, it ends up in the media (laughs).

“If you don’t agree, you have to say it, it doesn’t matter who’s looking at you. It was something during he game, he was annoyed, his tone of voice rose, but he calmed down. Nothing special, I’d say, but it showed that in that moment we weren’t in the best of situations.

The French newspaper Le Parisian first revealed the story after the 3-2 defeat by Montpellier.

Draxler blamed Neymar for being too individual and selfish, Neymar replied “Who are you to talk to me? You only play backwards passes.”

Thomas Tuchel and sporting director Antero Henrique had to separate them.



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