After the crisis, Mbappe will cost 40 million euros

French MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit pointed out some harsh truths to football

Mbappé, el eclipse de Messi y Cristiano | Perform

Experts in the economy believe that it will take years to recover from the coronavirus. Personalities related to the world of football, including Jaume Roures from Mediapro think that the era of “100 million euro signings” is over, at least for a while.

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French pundit Daniel Cohn-Bendit said in a column for Ouest France “this crisis will clean professional sport of irrationality. It’s as if there was a nuclear attack. After the coronavirus crisis, Mbappe will be worth 35 or 40 million instead of 200. And who will buy him?

“There will have to be salary caps. It’s a reorganisation which will work not only for the salaries of the players but for image rights and advertising. We have to break the system of executives, those who make crazy business deals in football. I don’t think players play worse because they are paid less. In the future, in television contracts they will have to determine that a percentage goes to Olympic sports and amateur sports, for example.”


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