Torbe exonerates De Gea & Muniain but says more footballers involved

Porn producer Ignacio Allende Fernandez, better known as Torbe, has suggested the sexual assualt allegations made against Spain goalkeeper David de Gea and Athletic Club midfielder Iker Muniain by a witness are not true.

The claims were made earlier this month by a woman testifying in the case 'Torbe Case' - Fernandez stands accused of sexual aggression and corruption of minors to film and distribute pornographic videos of teenagers

"The footballers only wanted to meet girls. [The girls] were free to do what they wanted with them," Torbe wrote in a letter from prison to porn actress Maria Lapiedra, which was reproduced in ABC. 

Even though Torbe has spoken in favour of De Gea and Muniain, he did claim that there are "many more footballers implicated," adding that "not even the police want to know their names."  

De Gea gave a press conference the day the allegations came out denying the claims he organised a 'sex party', while Iker Muniain released a short statement also denying the allegations, too. 


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