Tebas responds to Guardiola: I learn from Premier League every day

The La Liga chief clashed with the Manchester City coach on Monday

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The La Liga president Javier Tebas used social media to respond to Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola on Monday.

Guardiola criticised Tebas' running of the Spanish league and said he could learn a thing or two from how the Premier League is managed in England.

Tebas replied: "Pep, I learn from the Premier League every day. It would be good if they taught you a little bit about macroeconomics in football, about the effects the State-owned clubs have on wage inflation, about demographics, about the absorption of pay-per-view television, about China... and we'll have news on [Man City's] acquittal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport."

Remember that the City coach had said that "there's better management of the Premier League, which can be seen in Asia. Tebas should learn. Maybe football's the only business were people that want to invest are viewed negatively. I don't understand why because the money travels around other clubs in the world."

Guardiola added: "What's the problem if United, City, Chelsea or Liverpool, clubs that are economically strong because their owners want to invest, don't want to make money and prefer to keep on re-investing so that the club can keep growing for the fans?"

"There's always control from UEFA, like Financial Fair Play. If you sell the product better, people pay more for the television rights. Mr. Tebas, who knows more than anyone and is wiser than everyone and gets involved in other business, should learn that. 

"Maybe that way Barca, Madrid, Atletico and Valencia would have more resources to invest in what they need. If we overstep the mark, we will be punished and won't be able to play [certain competitions] but as that's not the case, let everyone do what they want." 

It's not the first time the two have clashed. Tebas has been a critic of City and Paris Saint-Germain for many years and their free-spending State-owners.




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