Simeone explains dinner 'meeting' with Juve's Dybala

The Atletico Madrid coach did bump into the forward

Simeone habló de su encuentro con Dybala en Madrid
Simeone habló de su encuentro con Dybala en Madrid | EFE

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone confirmed on Saturday that he met Paulo Dybala in a restaurant last week and spoke with the Juventus forward, telling him what he thinks of him, that he's "an excellent player," and "not much more." 


"It's a shame that the information [in the media] isn't always good, because, when it's not good, obviously a lot of people lose faith in journalism. It doesn't have to be like that, but the information, when it's not clear and good and doesn't have any images, gets mixed up and confused. That's not good, but we live in a world where we have to deal with this," Simeone began. 

"It's clear that I met with Dybala in a restaurant. We were chatting and I told him what I think of him, that he is an excellent player. He was dining with two friends and I was dining alone. And there's not much more. After, some journalists look to skew the situation. 

"You [the media] already know that you work with people that do good and people that do bad [work]. I wish there were more journalists providing the best information, because the world depends on information and I'm delighted when the information is good." 

Simeone's chance meeting with Dybala last week had led to reports that Atletico would try to sign the Juve player this summer. 


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