Ronaldo makes changes to his diet to prolong his career

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo is aware that at 31 years of age he has entered the final stage of his career. Despite the fact he is still in great shape physically, his body has began to give the usual warning signs that players experience post 30. 

The Portuguese player understands that he has to take more care of himself if he wants to extend his career. The fruits of these reflections have led to Ronaldo deciding to change his diet and to introduce some changes into his physical preparation. 

Newspaper ‘ABC’ has revealed that the Madrid star has began to lose some of his muscle mass since turning 30. When he reached that age, it was proposed that he loses one kilogram each year. Since January of 2015, he has already lost two kilograms as a result of the changes to his diet with the aim of maintaining his speed, which it’s only natural to lose as you age. 

He currently weighs 78 kilograms. And it’s his idea to reduce his muscle mass a little more to continue at the top of the game for as long as he possibly can. For that reason, he has had to also change his demanding personal training problem. 

Statistics confirm that his decline is indeed a fact, although it’s true that he remains the star of Real Madrid and an important player, given the amount of goals he scores. Just a few days ago he said in an interview with Portuguese clothing brand 'Sacoor Brothers' that before starting an acting adventure in Holywood, he wants to extend his playing career as long as possible. 

"You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of players that have been at the top as long as I have, for six, seven, eight, nine or 10 years. I feel privileged to be at this level," Cristiano declared. 


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