Koke, Ramos and Jemez ask for more citizen help during coronacrisis

They have joined the 'I'm staying at home' hashtag movement

Ramos, Koke y Jémez piden junto a Almeida que madrileños se queden en casa | EFE

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid captains Koke and Sergio Ramos respectively, as well as Rayo Vallecano coach Paco Jémez, have taken part in a new Madrid council video to ask for more citizen help in battling the coronavirus.

With the hashtag #YoMeQuedoEnCasa (I'm staying at home), the council launched a new campaign on Sunday asking people to stay at home during the coronavirus crisis. 

"It's the moment to be responsible and stay at home, come on Madrilenos!" said Koke. "These are difficult moments but we're going to come out of this united and together, come on Madrid!" added Ramos. "This game that we have to play doesn't have colours, I'm staying at home," said Paco Jemez.

Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida underlined the importance of confinement as a method of prevention. "Today is Sunday, today there is no football. But we are playing a game, a game in which there are no teams, there are no fan. Bacause we are only one team and one fanbase. Madrid, Spain. And the stadium where we play is our home. Stay at home!" he said.



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