Javier Tebas threatens players with concentration training camps

The La Liga president doesn't enjoy seeing players breaking protocol

Javier Tebas agradece al CSD su ayuda para el retorno de LaLiga | EFE

La Liga president Javier Tebas knows there's a lot at stake so he's not willing to tolerate indiscipline among players when it comes to the coronavirus.

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After Nelson Semedo at Barcelona, became the latest to break the protocol, Tebas threatened players with the idea of having to go into concentration training camps.

"What we are thinking is that if players keep doing this we'll have to consider having obligatory concentrations," said Tebas, as quoted by dpa during a call to international media.

"We wanted to do that but over the last few weeks we saw the clubs were (obeying) the protocols, but if we start to see three or four players at each club disobeying these rules then we'll have no other remedy than to impose concentrations.

"We hope we don't have to but if people keep going to barbecues and parties we might have to. La Liga has shown a lot of faith in players by not enforcing concentrations so, please, return that confidence, and don't break the rules as that harms La Liga and people's health in general."



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