How La Liga's concentration protocol will look

It all depends on when returning to training and competition is allowed, but these are the guidelines

Javier Tebas, presidente de LaLiga
Javier Tebas, presidente de LaLiga | sport

On Sunday we revealed the 23 page protocol that La Liga clubs were sent by the league on Friday about the potential return to training once it is allowed, as well as the 'pre-season' that could happen. 

Ramón Fuentes


It is a document where the main stumbling block lies in the 'concentration' that all clubs should carry out. Players don't like it - they don't like having to be concentrated together for a fortnight, not even a week. They advocate, as Sergio Busquets himself expressed, to be able to go to training sessions from their homes without having to suffer this isolation.

As the document itself details on page 7, it is a recommendation of La League "with the aim of creating a space as isolated and controlled as possible, clubs are recommended to opt for concentrations in sports cities or hotels used exclusively by the club." All essential personnel must be moved to these facilities, considering them "High Protection".

As we already said yesterday, this facility will host the last phase of preparation for the entire team.

At another point in the document, it refers to transportation to the facilities when they are not contained within the training ground itself. "In the event that the squad is not staying within the Sports City, this should be done in groups, these being: the three groups of players, the group of the coaching staff and the group of the rest of the personnel."


It is in the group training section, the first ones where this concentration could begin, where it defines what the day-to-day life of the players and the concentrated team should be like. Starting with the breakfast that will be "prepared in individual containers with the name of each player or number" and that must be picked up by the players in the dining room or the space provided for this purpose. Breakfast can be consumed in the dining room. Each group of players (the same established in training) will be assigned a breakfast shift that they must respect. The groups cannot meet at the same time in the dining room in any case. Regarding lunches and dinners, the same will be done as for breakfasts.


The protocol also establishes that the time that the players are not training (or outside of meal times) must always be in individual rooms. As stated in the document itself, "this reduces the risk of becoming infected and maintains the strictest social isolation. Meetings, either in common areas or rooms" are totally prohibited. In addition, in each of the rooms there should be "a box of gloves and masks so that they can use at least one every day."

In the case that a positive case emerges, AFE (Spanish footballers association) advocates the total quarantine of the team, while La Liga, as explained in the protocol itself, says the player should be isolated from the rest of the group.


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