Final two rounds of fixtures in La Liga to be played at the same time

The games will be played on Thursday 16 July and Sunday 19 July

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LaLiga and the Real Federación Española de Fútbol have revealed that the final two rounds of fixtures in La Liga and La Segunda will be played at the same time. 

Round 37 in La Liga will be played on Thursday, July 16 and the season will then be played to its conclusion on Sunday, July 19. 

Barcelona are currently four points behind Real Madrid and hope to go into those games still with a chance of winning the title. If the gap remains four points until then, Madrid could be crowned champions with a win in round 37. 

However, if Madrid drop points in any of their next three games, and Barça win all of theirs, the title will go to the final day of the season. 

There are likely to be other things in play across the two divisions over the final two rounds of fixtures, such as Champions League and Europa League qualification, promotion and relegation. 

The days and dates will be the following:


• Jornada 37: Thursday, July 16.
• Jornada 38: Sunday, July 19.


• Jornada 41: Friday, July 17.
• Jornada 42: Monday, July 20 


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