Casillas proposes "vintage Clasico" with Barça & Madrid legends

The former Real Madrid goalkeeper wants to set up a fundraiser

Casillas explica cómo vivió los Clásicos en la etapa de Mourinho como entrenador del Real Madrid | Movistar+

Former Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas has suggested a vintage Clasico to raise money for the fight against coronavirus and for people the most in need when the crisis eases. 

Casillas called on legends from Real Madrid and Barcelona's past to come together to put on the charity match as soon as can be possible. 

The ex-Madrid man's suggestion came on the back of a tweet posted by Carles Puyol on Twitter. The Catalan replied to Andres Iniesta, who had spoken about how lucky he was to see Xavi Hernandez play up close. 

La Liga had said it was "delicious" to see Xavi play. Iniesta said it was even better to see him from "five metres every day." Puyol then joked that you can't even imagine what it's like to see him from "two metres behind." 

Casillas chipped in by saying that he had played against all of them and that when this is all over they should have a "Vintage Clasico." 

"Count on me," Iniesta replied, leaving Casillas to set the wheels in motion. 

Iker, uno de los grandes protagonistas de los clásicos de la pasada década | EFE


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