'Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez is ready for Barcelona'

The Racing de Avellaneda president has spoken to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport'

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Víctor Blanco, the president of Racing de Avellaneda, has spoken to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' about the future of one of his club's former players: Lautaro Martinez. He believes the striker is ready to take the step to Barcelona. 

Antonio Tuachi

Messi wants Barça to sign Lautaro: "It's simple: playing together with Argentina he saw what he can do. Lautaro is a natural goal scorer, an animal in the box, for that reason he wants him with him." 

Barcelona's interest: "I have no doubts. His capacity to adapt and rise to the top level was surprising. When he went from the youth team to the first team, when he went to Europe, even with Argentina. Maybe he will need some months to adapt, but that happens with all players." 

Competition with Luis Suárez: "I think if he goes, he will be a starter in no time. He's a born winner. We have to consider he's 22 as well. In comparison with Suarez, who's a crack, he has that advantage. In football, the youngsters eventually replace the more experienced players. Obviously it's his decision, if he's convinced that he has to take that step, only he knows. He's not a kid acting on impulse, if he's convinced, I am sure that he will be OK. If he feels he's still not ready, he will stay at Inter."

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Other clubs: "He's rejected big clubs, saying no to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, because he wanted to make the best decision. At that time he decided to stay with us because he was an idol at Racing. Now Inter is his home and he will decide in the correct way." 

Conte with Lautaro: "He has been fundamental this season. Conte took a rough diamond, who had shone in South America, and made him shine. The credit goes to Lautaro and those around him. I always had faith in him. When he made it to the first team at Racing, he had great players ahead of him, but he showed great personality." 



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