Indias: The damage that they did us with Braithwaite was brutal

Leganes's sporting director spoke about Barca taking Martin Braithwaite

Braithwaite, y los malabares con el balón | braithwaite_no

EFE/Sport EN

Txema Indias, Leganes's sporting director, spoke about Martin Braithwaite's departure to Barcelona as an emergency signing earlier this year.

"It left me fuming because I thought the damage it did us was brutal," he said. "Now I only think about the players we have in our squad, who are those that are going to help us avoid relegation.

"Martin's story is history and I'm hurt for him because he's going to have less minutes, he's a valiant player. But it's water under the bridge, history for Leganes and for me. We only have to focus on what we have right now."


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