How much will Gremio earn from Arthur's move to Juventus?

The Brazilian side will be keeping a close eye on the finances involved in the deal which sees Arthur leave Barça for Juventus

Así se ha despedido Arthur de Gremio | @arthurhhmelo

Gremio de Porto Alegre are paying close attention to the negotiations between FC Barcelona and Juventus over the transfer of Arthur Melo. The Brazilian club have been earning bonuses throughout the past two seasons and could be set for another cash windfall with Arthur's move.

So far Gremio have earned €33m from the sale of Arthur. This is €30m for the initial transfer plus another €3m in bonuses.

If a deal is concluded for €72m, Gremio will earn an extra €2.5m for Arthur. This is because they retained 3.51% of any future transfer. For a club the size of Gremio, that's a significant amount of money.


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