Eric Garcia's goal sends Girona top of La Liga as he rebuilds himself

Eric Garcia's goal sends Girona top of La Liga as he rebuilds himself

Eric Garcia's goal put Girona top of La Liga. Who would have thought it?

The Barcelona defender arrived in Girona with the desire to add the minutes that Xavi Hernández could not promise him... And the bet could not have been more of a winning one. It was hard at first but when Michel has given him the chance, the player from Martorell has not wasted it. His neat passing of the ball out from the back, his capacity of anticipation and his positioning have convinced the coach from Madrid, who has given him starts of late.

Against Villarreal, the central defender on loan from FC Barcelona started the match with some doubts that led to dangerous moments for the hosts, but he soon caught the rhythm of the match at the same pace that Girona grew. He was strong in the coverages and was key in ball output, as almost always when he is on the green. Together with David López, he is forming a great central defensive duo.

In addition, he rounded off his performance with a header that was worth gold: Girona culminated their comeback and, incidentally, took the lead in La Liga. Eric got away from his marker and did not make a mistake when it came to finding the net. His first goal with the red and white shirt on. A goal that will be ideal for him to continue adding to his confidence.

Eric has already confirmed that the loan to Girona was been a great decision. Michel could make him grow, he could have a style of play similar to that of Barça and, in addition, he could have a lot of prominence. So it has proven and in both Girona and Barcelona it is celebrated.

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