'We've come to make a country' -- fans flock to watch Catalan national team

Entire families made their way to Girona to watch Catalonia’s game against Tunisia on Wednesday. It’s the only opportunity they had to see their team in action. 

Angels Fabregues

It’s not just a game of football but a celebration of the Catalan identity. Fans, therefore, turned up draped in esteladas and the colours of their national team. 

That was the case for Maurici and Lluc, who made their way to Montilivi from Caldes de Malabella. They’re members at Girona and didn’t want to miss such a special occasion: “We were really excited to come, it’s a dream come true for us to be here,” said Maurici. 

The Ibanez and Aumada families also used the game as an excuse to go to watch the Catalan national team. Some were from Olot and others from Fornells: “We’ve come to make a country and to see a good game of football,” they said.

Another group of people who didn’t want to miss the chance to see Xavi in action were various families from l'Empordanet. They said: “We’ve come as a group to celebrate and to claim the Catalan team, because they’re our national team.” 

What is certain that is everyone was excited to watch the game, which ended in a 3-3 draw, with Tunisia winning on penalties. 



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